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Num: 5C Constant ~ 10C Burst
Market Price: $ 36
VIP Price:  $ 31
Promotion Now For Go-Kart / PHEV / HEV / EV / Sport E-Bike / Sport E-Motorcycle



Designed For Plug-In Hybrid And Electric Vehicle Applications, The PLPF20Ah Prismatic Cell Is Built To Deliver High Energy And Power Density Combined. The PLPF20Ah Cell Demonstrates Industry-Leading Abuse Tolerance Coupled With Excellent Life Performance Under The Most Rigorous Duty Cycles. The PLPF20Ah Delivers High Useable Energy Over a Wide State Of Charge (SOC) Range To Minimize Pack Oversizing And Offer Very Low Cost Per Watt-Hour.

Benefits & Features:

Higher Operating Voltage Of 3.2V And Energy Density:
Lithium Lron Phosphate Battery Delivers And Maintains a Stable Operating Voltage Of Over 3.2V Until Final DischargeThree Times As Much Voltage As a Ni-Cd Or Ni-Mh Battery Provides.It Takes Just 1/3 The Number Of Lithium Ion Batteries To Provide The Equivalent Amount Of Voltage Form Ni-Cd Or Ni-MH Batteries, So Portable Devices Can Be Made Much Smaller And Lighter.

Higher Discharge Rate For More Powerful Devices:
Lithium Lron Phosphate Batteries Are Capable Of Outstanding Rates Of Discharge(Up To 20C Rate Or More)Sufficient To Power a Hobby Planes And Helicopters,a Power Tools Motor And Other Devices.

Stable Discharge Under Various Temperatures Environmental Conditions:
Lithium Lron Phosphate Batteries Provide Stable Discharge Within a Wide Range Of Temperatures,Form -40To 80.

Superior Storage Characteristics &Convenience Including Minimal Self-Discharge

Lithium Lron Phosphate Batteries Limit Self-Discharge To Less Than 5% Of The Original Capacity Per Month When Batteries Are Stored At 20.

Long Cycle Life:
Lithium Lron Phosphate Batteries Last Over 2000 Repeated Charges And Discharges,As Well As Offering Outstanding Economy.

No Memory Effect:
Lithium Lron Phosphate Batteries Has No Memory Effect,Seen In Ni-Cd,NI-MH,Causes Charging Capacity To Be Reduced By Repeared Charing And Discharging To In Sufficient Levels,Therefore.

High Safety:
Greater Resistance To Overcharging.High Thermal Stability.

Now, We Can Do:
The Capacity: Since 1.5Ah To 1000Ah
The Voltage: Since 3.2V To 540V


PHEV,HEV,EV,E-Bus,E-Tour Bus,E-Bike,E-Scooter, E-Boat ,Squad Car,Golf Cart, Flat Car, Forklift Truck, Dumper, All Terrain Vehicle, Wheel Chair Etc.

Electric Grid,Solar And Wind Energy Systems, Medical Equipment,UPS,EPS,Etc

Commercials In Portable And Digital :
Electric Drill,Electric Screw Driver,Electric Saw, Lawn Mowers , Power Tool ,Cleaner And Remote Control Car, Model Airplane,Model Ship,Robots , Aviation Craft , Toys, Medical Device , Safe Mining Equipments , Laptop , LED Flashlight , Security Lighting Etc