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3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Storm 32
Num: Glight Black 3 Axis Storm 32-BGC3.1 V2.2
Market Price: $ 120
VIP Price:  $ 60
3 Axis, Brushless Gimbal, Gopro W/ Motors & 32 bit Storm32 Controlller Camera Gimbal, Gopro 3,Gopro4, FPV Accessory

Storm32 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Gopro W/ Motors & 32 bit Storm32 Controlller Camera Gimbal Gopro 3 / Gopro4 FPV Accessory

Item Description: GOPRO3 / GOPRO4 Brushless Yuntai 3 Axis CNC Metal.

T Brushless Motor Motor Models: 2206/100:2, Only 2805/100 t Brushless Motor: 1 Only

The Driver Board: STORM32BGC

Firmware Version: o323bgc - Release - v090

Hardware Version: V130

Working Voltage: 3-4 s (11.1 To 16.8 V)

Working Current: 350 Ma

Joystick Control Angle: PITCH: 25 + 25 Degrees/ROLL: 25 + 25 Degrees/YAW: + 90 Degrees - 90 Degrees.

Switch Control Mode: Lock/Follow

Size: 80 * 80 * 100 Mm (L * W * H)

Weight: 180 g

Scope Of Application: GOPRO Series Is Compatible With The Camera.

Electrical Connections: JST And HX

How To Install:

1. Remove Vibration Ball, Open At The Top Of The Mounting Plate

2. Lock Mounting Plate With Screws At The Bottom Of The Craft

3. Install The Damping Ball

4. Install The Camera, With a Girdle Bond Compact Camera,

Directions For Use

Packed The Camera (Be Sure To Install Cameras, Otherwise Will Be Shaking), After Electrify Stable Holder About 20 Seconds (Don't Be Shaking Holder, Keep Holder Hangs,) From The Ground, After Hearing a Sound, Can Be Normal Use

Can Control The Pitch By a Receiver Or Other Individual PWM Channels

You Can Set The Following Mode Or Lock Mode

Can Set The Angle Mode Or Speed