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DC5V APM Flight Control MainBoard
Num: Mini3.6-46*48*10mm
Market Price: $ 90
VIP Price:  $ 38
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Mini APM3.6 Flight Control Board Phantom2 Flight Controller Phantom Control Board 
For DJi Phantom2 Integrated MainBoard 

Operation Voltage: DC 5V
Dimension: 46*48*10mm
Net Weight:8.5g
Gross Weight With Package:15g
Built-In 6Axis Gyro And Speed Smasher
External Connect GPS And Compass
Self Balance,Fixed Heights,Fixed Point,Hover,Go Home,Turn Round,Fragyuck And Automatic Navigation Model

Basic Function:
1.Stable Highly Locking
2.Support No More Than 8 Axis AirCraft/UAV/FPV/Drone
3.Installation Direction, Fixed Installation Position
4.Provide LED Light
5.Support For Multiple Remote Control,Remot Control Be Clibrated
6.Multiple Control Model Choose(Demon-Fixed Heights-Fixed Point-Fragyuck-Go Home Model)
7.Drive Automatically Parameter To Debug

External Function:
1.Out Of Control Proection,Remote Control Back To The Stability, Automatically Go Home When Timeout
2.Voltage Protection-Lower Voltage Start Automatically Go Home
3.Support Remote Adjustable Parameters
4.Support Parameter Import And Export
5.Support Update Online