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Solar Backpack Bag 619
Num: PBag-Solar-Backpack-619-162228
Market Price: $ 200
VIP Price:  $ 62
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This kind of cool, stylish and durable solar power backpack will be great fun for you.

It is crafted from water resistant nylon, high intensity and durable.
Come with solar panel, it is convenient for you to charge your phone or ipad.
The buckles around the chest to stop slipping.
Adjustable straps and breathable mesh backing for comfortable carry.
With bottle bag on both sides, portable to carry water with you.
Various pockets for items storage, such as phones, computers, books and other daily products.
This backpack is perfect for school, traveling, cycling, hiking, camping and other activities on the go.

Solar Backpack Specification: 
Bag capacity:30-40L
Bag material:Waterproof nylon
Available bag color:Black color or OEM color 
Bag size:48*34*16cm

Solar Panel Specification: 
USB output:5V 1A
Solar cell:Sunpower solar cell >22.5%
Encapsulation:PET+EVA+CELL+EVA+black PET+Fabric
Maximum power(Pm):6.5W
Voltage at max power(Vmp):6.5V
Current at max power(Imp):1.0A
Open circuit voltage(Voc):7.8V
Short circuit current(Isc):1.07A
Net weight:380g

Operating Temperature:- 40℃-+85℃