New Definition Of Outdoor Power

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New Definition Of Outdoor Power

New Definition Of Outdoor Power

Outdoor Power Supply Is A Portable Outdoor Market Segment Of Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage Power Supply, The Weight Less Than 10Kg Of Standby Power Supply Or Emergency Power Supply, Using Lithium Ion Batteries As Energy Storage Components, Using Ac Or Dc Input Charge (Such As AC 110V, 220V, 12 V Car, 12 V Solar Energy, Etc.), The Output Of AC Or DC (Such As AC 110V, 220V, DC 12 V, DC5V, Etc.).

More And More Self-Driving Travel Enthusiasts, Outdoor Travel Teams, As Well As Individual Players, Have Surging Demand For Portable Outdoor Power Supply. The Diversified Functions Of Such Products Provide Users With Power Supply, Lighting And Other USES In The Outdoors, Enriching Outdoor Life. And In The Use Of Earthquake Disaster Prevention, Can Cope With Power Failure, Lighting, SOS Rescue And Other Needs, Which Is Particularly Important In The Earthquake, Hurricane And Other Severe Natural Disasters.

The Brand Positioning Of PoniLion® Mainly Focuses On The Outdoor Market Segment, Providing Power Supply For Drones, Vehicle-Mounted Refrigerators, Cameras, Laptops, Projectors, Outdoor Lights And Mobile Phones.

Applicable Equipment: UAV, Car Refrigerator, Camera, Projector, Laptop, Small Power Appliances And Other Equipment.

Application Scenarios: Self-Drive, Off-Road, Camping, Outdoor Photography And Other Types Of Digital Equipment Electricity, Family Emergency Electricity;

Household Emergency Electricity Supply: In Case Of Large-Scale Power Failure Caused By Natural Disasters And Power Failure In Peak Summer, Household Appliances And Communication Equipment Can Supply Electricity In Time;

Battery Type: Car Grade Power Lithium Ion Battery.


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