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Power Station


A: Our Power Station Can Charge All Kinds Of Devices Such As Iphone, Ipad Mini, Macbook Pro, Mini-Fridge, Gopro, JBL SPEAKER, DJI SPARK, CPAP AND SO ON

Q: How Long Does Your Power Bank Run My Device?

A: You Can Roughly Calculate The Charging Time:

Working Time = PoniLion® Power Station Wh* 0.90 / Operate The Power Of Your Device.

For Reference, Assuming The Power Consumption Of Your Device Is 30W, Working Time Using Our A500 Power Station Will Be 500Wh*0.90/30w=15 Hrs (Rough Calculated).

Actual Power Consumption Varies From Different Usages, Consult PoniLion® For Better Purchase Decision Or You Can Refer To Our Power Station Page For More Information.

Q: What Types Of Charging Ports Is Your Power Station Equipped With?

A: Our Power Stations Covers Multiple Outputs: AC, DC, USB, QC, TYPE C PD Ports That Can Power Up All Kinds Of Small Electronic Gadgets Ranging From Laptops, Smartphones, Drones, Go-Pros, Cameras And Much More

Q: How To Recharge For Our Power Station?

A: Our Power Station Has Multiple Can Be Recharged From Three Types Of Input: Wall Charger, Solar Charger, And Car Charger.

You Can Directly Plug It Into The Wall Charger Or From A DC Plug-In Your Car Such From The Cigarette Charging Port As Well As Recharge From The Sun By Connecting A Compatible Solar Panel

Solar Power

Q: How Does The Solar Panel Works?

A: We Took Solar Power From Stationary To Portable, From Rooftops To Backpacks. Powering Your Phone, Headlamp, Camera Or Whatever Essential Gear Is In Your Kit From The Sun Is A Reality.

It Has High Conversion Efficiency Up To 25% It Works Better In Full Sunlight, Leaving The Sun, Covered With Shadows, Will Affect The Output Of The Solar Panels.

Q: What Factors Will Affect The Solar Panel Output?

A: Many Factors Will Influence The Performance Of The Solar Panel Such As The Sunlight Intensity, Angle Of Placement.

It Is Better To Use The Solar Panel At Noon 12:00-14:00, After 5 Pm Or Before 10:00, The Sunlight Intensity Will Be Weak And The Output Will Be Reduced It Best-Charging Angle Is 90 Degrees From The Sun, Avoiding Backlighting, Blockage.

Car Power

Q: Once Fully Charged, How Long Will Your Jump Starter Hold A Full Charge If Unused?

A: It Keeps About 3 Months If Unused With Fully Charged.For Our U Series Jump Starter, You Can Jump 50 Times

Q: How To Jump-Start Your Car Using A Lithium Jump Starter

A: It Is Easy To Use, Just 4 Steps To Jump-Start Your Car

Step 1: Attach Clamps.

Attach Both Boost Clamps To Your Vehicle's Corresponding Battery Terminals.

Step 2: Turn On.

Press Boost's Power Button Once And The Charge-Level LED Lights Will Chase.

Step 3: Start Vehicle.

With Boost On And Attached To The Battery, Start Your Vehicle's Engine.

Step 4: Detach & Go.

Leave The Car Running As You Detach The Boost From Your Battery.


Q: How Do I Check The Status Of My Order?

A: You Will Receive An Email Confirmation With Your Tracking Number Once Your Order Has Shipped From Our Warehouse. If You Didn't Receive This Email, Check Your Spam Or Junk Email Folder Or Contact Us By Email At info@PoniLion.Com You Can Also View Tracking Numbers Once Your Order Has Shipped By Logging Into Your Customer Account.

Q: Which Countries Do You Ship To?

A: We Currently Ship To The Following Countries, With More Countries To Be Available Soon. USA (U.S.) - Canada (CA) - Germany (DE) - United Kingdom (U.K.) - Italy (IT) - France (FR) - Spain (ES) - Japan (JP) - Poland (PL) - Australia (AU)